Sesnal Special

1 Fried Fille of Fish w/Grated Daikon Radish and Special Sauce $8.50
w/ Vegitrables on the top
Pan Fride Pork Belly, Bean Sprout and Garic Chieves (Mild Spicy) $7.50
Kinpira Gobo (Soy Simmered Burdock Rootand Carrot) $4.50
Kinpira Gobo is a sweet, salty and spicy japanese side dish. Perfect for beer and sake!
Gomokummame $4.50
(Soy Simmered Soy Bean, Carrot Shiitake Mushroom and Konnyaku)
Gomokumame is sweet simmered traditional Japanese soy beans dish. Perfect for sake!
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